Welcome to Petalouda Consulting!

My name is Maren Morawski, and I am the proud founder of this company.

I know first-hand what it is like to take the plunge into a new country. I myself lived and worked in France for more than 14 years and spent a short time in Ireland. I know the initial euphoria, the first doubts, the cultural misunderstandings and the deep homesickness. I know what it’s like to be at the point where you want to throw it all away and just go home.
But I have also learned about the invaluable enrichment and valuable experiences that come with living abroad. I have grown personally, developed new skills, met many great people, broadened my horizons, and learned to be flexible and creative.

With my program “Onboarding in Colors”, I want to use this knowledge and experience to help companies and organizations turn cultural diversity into a success story. I prepare expatriates and international professionals as well as their partners optimally for their stay abroad, reflect with them their own cultural imprint, sensitize them to cultural differences in the target country and develop effective action strategies with them. I want to help them make their experience abroad as valuable and enriching as it was for me. In doing so, I also support companies and organizations to succeed and grow across cultures in the globalized world.

With Petalouda Consulting I have a vision: I want to contribute to the understanding and harmonious cooperation of people from different cultural backgrounds. I want to help them to grow beyond themselves, to realize their dreams and to find their true place in the world.

And I want to help companies and organizations not only to embrace their cultural diversity, but to turn it into real success stories. I firmly believe that multicultural teams have the potential to build bridges and bring the world a little closer together.

Maren Morawski, founder of Petalouda Consulting

Why I chose the name “Petalouda”

Petalouda is the Greek word for butterfly. I’ve always loved the symbolism of this little animal.

A butterfly represents lightness, freedom, stepping back and seeing life from another perspective. It also signifies the power of change, transformation and metamorphosis. It’s an inspiring symbol for going through the different cycles of life and for a “second, new life”.

What’s more, a butterfly has wings and can fly and settle wherever it wishes. There are no borders or countries for a butterfly.

I love this meaning and it perfectly represents my vision of coaching.

My diplomas and certifications

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