Culture Matching

Discover how our unique culture matching tool can be used in the recruitment process and as an ongoing integration tool.

At Petalouda Consulting, we offer a specially developed tool that helps companies in Germany and France not only to recruit international professionals, but also to integrate them successfully. Our Culture Matching program uses a specially developed questionnaire that identifies behavioral types in a professional context. This innovative tool can be used during the recruitment process to determine how well a foreign applicant will acclimatize to the German or French culture.

How culture matching can help your company:

  • Early testing of compatibility : even before hiring, we analyze how well the applicant’s personality traits match the German or French culture and your corporate culture.
  • Targeted integration: We identify specific adaptation and sensitization needs in order to carry out targeted intercultural training to ensure optimal integration. 
  • Increased employee retention: Employees who fit well into the company culturally are more satisfied and stay longer, which significantly reduces staff turnover.
  • Strengthening team dynamics: A harmonious team that understands and appreciates cultural differences works more efficiently and innovatively.

Culture matching process

  • Detailed analysis: the questionnaire developed in-house by Petalouda Consulting comprehensively captures the behavioral preferences in the candidates’ everyday working life. The questionnaire covers various areas, including
    • Strengths and limitations
    •  Work style
    •  Decision making
    •  Organization and planning
    •  Communication
    •  Management and leadership expectations
    •  Dealing with rules
    •  Teamwork
  • Cultural matching: We use advanced analytical methods to match the results with the cultural norms of your company and the German / French culture.
  •  Comprehensive reporting: You will receive a detailed final report that comments on each response in terms of compatibility with German or French culture and offers concrete recommendations for onboarding and integration.
  •  Long-term support: Our team will support you not only during the recruitment process, but also during the ongoing integration of your international specialists.     

Target group

Our Culture Matching program is particularly suitable for SMEs and large companies in Germany and France that want to effectively integrate their international staff and value long-term employee retention.

Use Petalouda Consulting’s Culture Matching to overcome the challenges of the international skills shortage. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how it can help your company successfully integrate international talent.

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