Onboarding with colours

A holistic program for attracting, integrating and retaining international employees

Three-stage onboarding process: attracting, integrating and retaining international talent

The “Onboarding with colours” program divides the onboarding process into five central phases, which are grouped into three main stages:

1. Attracting foreign employees (recruitment and pre-boarding).

In this first stage, we focus on recruitment and pre-boarding to ensure that a solid basis for successful integration is created before arrival.

2. Integration of foreign employees

The arrival marks the beginning of the direct integration of the specialist into the company. This phase is crucial for the first impression and the further course of adaptation and induction.

3. Long-term retention of international employees (probationary period and retention)

In the final stage, we focus on the probationary period and the long-term retention of employees. Here, ongoing support and development opportunities are offered to promote the satisfaction and loyalty of professionals.

The onboarding packages

The “Onboarding with colours” program offers four tiered packages – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – each covering different phases of the onboarding process. Each package is tailored to the company’s needs at each stage and can be booked individually or in combination for an end-to-end process. Here are the details of each package:

Bronze Package: Integration

Focus: Arrival phase

This package includes:

  • Intercultural training or e-learning: new employees are trained on the topic of living and working in Germany to avoid typical pitfalls and ease the transition. These training courses can be booked as personal in-house seminars (building on the results of the culture matching) or as a flexible e-learning module (“Welcome to Germany” / “Welcome to France”).
  • Integration plan guide: You will receive a detailed plan outlining the specific steps and measures for integrating new employees. This plan is customized to take individual needs and situations into account.

Silver package: Employee recruitment

Focus: Recruitment and pre-boarding

This package focuses on :

  •  Culture Matching: Conducting our specially designed test to ensure a match between the candidate’s cultural preferences and the company’s values. Upon completion of the test, a personalized evaluation is provided to determine the type of behavior in the work environment, the percentage of compatibility, as well as a personalized commentary on the fit. A personal debriefing can also take place on request.  This helps to identify the candidates who will integrate best into the company and the local culture. More information here.
  • Employer branding workshop or self-diagnosis: Analyze and improve your employer brand to increase attractiveness for international talent. These workshops or self-diagnosis tools help to identify and optimize strengths and weaknesses in your external image.
  •  Video Guide for Culturally Sensitive Interviewing: Providing guides and training to ensure your interviewing and communication strategies reflect cultural sensitivity and promote inclusion.

Gold package: Employee retention

Focus: Probationary period and retention

This package provides leadership tools and conflict resolution strategies to support during the probationary period and promote long-term retention.

  •  Intercultural Management Training: Training for managers and teams to develop the intercultural competencies necessary to successfully manage and promote a diverse workforce. A special coaching package for managers can also be booked to help them deal with the challenges of a multicultural team.
  • Coaching for foreign professionals and family members: a specially developed coaching programme helps foreign employees and their families to deal with culture shock and homesickness and to acclimatize optimally.
  • Diversity training (DEI): These workshops aim to create an inclusive work environment that promotes and values diversity. Each participating company receives the “Diversity friendly company” label.

Platinum Package: The entire process

Focus: All 5 phases of the onboarding process

This package includes all elements of the previous packages for a comprehensive onboarding experience, from recruitment to retention.

These packages ensure that companies of all sizes and with different needs find the right support for the successful integration of their international professionals.

What are the benefits of this program?

Benefits of the program for companies

  • Increase in employee retention
  • Improving cooperation
  • Increase in productivity
  • Competitive advantage through diversity
  • Risk minimization during integration
  • Attractiveness as an employer
  • Sustainable growth

Benefits of the program for foreign workers

  • Easier induction and integration into the company
  • Personal and professional development
  • Better communication
  • Strengthening of professional identity
  • Long-term prospects

Onboarding with colours is ideal for companies that want to fully exploit the potential of international professionals and foster an inclusive, appreciative corporate culture. Discover how we can help you optimize the onboarding process and successfully integrate your international employees. Contact us to find out more.


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