The interview about my work with the KulturGießerei has been published!

I had the chance to animate a series of cultural awareness trainings on behalf of the KulturGießerei in Saarburg.

Here is a little sneak peak of a training day

We talked about topics like:

  • What is culture and how does it influence our way of thinking and behaving
  • What role do perception and language play in and international context
  • How to communicate with people from other culture and how do build up trustworthy relationships

Moreover, we learned how to deal with stereotypes and became aware of how easily we judge before we just observe something or somebody.

Finally, we simulated an intercultural situation so that the participants could experience a “culture shock” when being confronted to different ways of behaving.

The German journalist, Dirk Tenbrock, has interviewed me about my work with the KulturGießerei and here is the article he wrote (in German).

You can download the full article (in German) here:

For more information about the KulturGießerei you can visit their website:

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